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<7> Office Bearers :

1. The office bearers of the Association shall be the President, the Vice-President, the General Secretary, the Joint Secretary and the Treasurer. All the office bearers shall be eligible for re-election. The President and the Vice-President shall not hold office for more than one term in succession. None of the other office bearers shall remain in office for more than two terms, in succession.

2. The responsibilities of the office bearers shall include the following in addition to those prescribed in <15> through <19>:

(a) President : The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and act as the Chairman of the Executive Committee. Whenever necessary the President may delegate his powers to the Vice-President.
(b) Vice-President : The Vice-President shall assist the President in all matters and in the absence of the President he shall perform the duties of the President.
(c) General Secretary : The General Secretary shall, ( i ) be in charge of correspondence and records of the Association, (ii) convene all general meetings of the Association and the Committee with the previous concurrence of the President, (iii) execute the programme of action decided by the Committee with the assistance of the Committee and (iv) sue and be sued upon in all matters relating to or affecting the Association. He shall be an ex-officio member of all the sub-committees of the Association.
(d) Joint Secretary : The Joint-Secretary shall assist the General Secretary in all matters and the in the absence of the General Secretary shall perform the duties of the General Secretary.
(e) Treasurer : The Treasurer shall, ( i ) keep all accounts of the Association, (ii) accept money and issue receipts on behalf of the Association, and (iii) prepare quarterly and annual financial statements and budgets for submission to the Committee.

3. An officer bearer or any other member of the Association shall not receive, directly or indirectly, any salary, compensations or emoluments from the Association unless authorised by the Committee.

4. The General Secretary and the Treasurer shall be from the headquarters and the Joint Secretary shall be from Delhi.

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