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<16>Admission Fee & Subscription :

1. The admission fee shall be chargeable only at the time of initial admittance to the Association. The annual subscription period shall coincide with the academic year.

2. The current admission fee, transfer fee and subscription shall be as follows :

Category of Membership Subscription
a) Life Member
Indian Rs. 2000.00
Foreign US $500.00
b) Associate Member (Annual)
Indian Rs. 200.00
Foreign US $50.00
c) Institutional Member Rs. 10000.00
d) Student Member Rs. 100.00
e) Library Subscription
Indian Rs. 500.00
Foreign US $50.00

The admission fee and transfer fee shall be waived until an appropriate time decided by the Committee.
A member who has been continuously on the rolls of the Association for 5 years or more shall have the right to compound for future payment by a single payment of Rs. 1500/- only.

3. On or about 1st May the annual dues for the next year shall be intimated to each member.

4. The last known address of a member shall be considered as the valid mailing address for correspondence by the Association.

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