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<6> Executive Committee :

1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the five office bearers of the Association as specified in R.7, five Zonal Representatives as specified in R.8.6, and five members to be elected as specified in R.10, subject to the provision that no city or town shall have more than two members except the headquarters which can have three members. In order to enforce this limit, the order of priority shall be, ( i ) President, (ii) Vice-President, (iii) Directly Elected Member and (iv) Zonal Representative, taking into account the offices assigned to the headquarters and to Delhi.

2. The Committee may co-opt additional members on the Executive Committee, if necessary, to assist in specific activities of the Association. A co-opted member shall not have voting rights in the Committee.

3. A vacancy occurring in the Committee between the elections shall be filled by nomination by the Committee within one month of such an occurrence.

4. The powers and functions of the Committee shall be as follows :
(a) To make, alter and repeal Rules and Regulations specified in <15> through <20> with the specific concurrence of the President and subject to confirmation by a letter ballot.
(b) To realise funds by way of subscriptions, donations, grants, gifts, consultation fees, etc.
(c) To administer the funds of the Association.
(d) To award grants, prizes etc. for promoting the aims and objectives of the Association.
(e) To incur expenditure for conducting the business of the Association.
(f) To acquire, sell, mortgage, change or otherwise dispose of or deal with all or any property of the Association for promoting the aims and objectives of the Association:
(g) To enroll members.
(h) To prepare an annual statement of accounts and an annual report on the working of the Association.
(i) To appoint sub-committees, panels, etc. from amongst the members of the Association for various activities.
(j) To take cognizance of and to deal with any matter, affecting the Association which may be brought to its notice.
(k) To interpret the Memorandum of the Association and the Rule and Regulations subject to the provisions of the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860.
(l) To appoint full time or part time salaried or honorary staff as and when the need arises, and to rent premises for housing registered office etc.
(m) Generally to undertake activities which are conducive to the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Association.
(n) To enter into collaboration and/or membership with any similar organisation, institution, and/or society, and to accept and offer concessions in respect of membership dues etc. on reciprocal basis.

5. The Committee shall have regular meetings at such times as are necessary to carry out the business of the Association.

6. The members of the Committee or of duly appointed sub-committees and panels shall not be held liable in respect of any act done in good faith.
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