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<10> Elections and nominations :

1. The procedure to elect the office bearers and other members of the Committee shall be as follows:

(a) In order to conduct the elections the Committee shall appoint two Returning Officers from amongst the members who are themselves not members of the Committee or seeking elections to the Committee.
(b) Nominations for the office bearers shall be made over the signatures of at least five members with voting right.
(c) Nomination for any of the five directly elected members may be made to the Returning Officer, over the signatures of at least five members.
(d) A zonal representative shall be elected from amongst the chapter Chairman of a particular Zone by the Chapter Chairman in that zone.
(e) Written consent of the member being nominated shall be obtained for all nominations.
(f) The Returning Officer, after scrutiny of the eligibility of the nominees, shall cause to be mailed to all eligible voters, by 1st April, ballots listing names of all candidates for the elective offices, with appropriate instructions that the last date for receipt of the ballot paper shall be not later than 1st May.
(g) The Returning Officers shall, after the receipt of the ballots, check and count the votes, and make the results available to the members. Election shall be decided on the basis of the number of votes polled by the candidates, tie vote being decided by a chance procedure, if the need arises. Conditions stipulated in <6.1> shall always apply.
(h) If no valid nominations or insufficient valid nominations are received for the committee memberships, by the deadline set for receiving the nominations, the committee shall have the responsibility to make the appropriate nominations, in which case the committee shall inform the members accordingly.

2. Election of the Chairman and other office bearers of a Chapter shall be held in conformity with <8.5> and the result of such election shall be communicated to the General Secretary not later than 1st March.

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