Rules and regulations
Registered Office
Aims & Objectives
Executive Committee
Office Bearers
Liaison Members
Election & nomination
Admission & Transfer
Admission Fee
Associative Representatives
Common Seal
<13> Amendments :

1. For amendments to the Memorandum of Association, provisions of Section 12 of Societys Registration Act XXI of 1860 shall be applicable.

2. Amendments to the Rules and Regulations may be proposed by means of a petition signed by at least ten per cent of the qualified members.

3. For an amendment to the Rules and Regulations specified in <1> through <14> the General Secretary shall send to all the members with voting right the proposed amendment accompanied by a ballot paper, at least one month before the scheduled date of counting the ballots. The amendment shall be deemed to have been adopted on the basis of a simple majority of the ballots received.

4. The date on which an amendment shall take effect shall be decided by the Committee but no amendment shall take effect earlier than thirty days but not later than one hundred and eighty days after its adoption.

5. Copies of amendments adopted shall be made available to all members of the Association.

6. For an amendment to the Rules and Regulations specified in <15> through <20> & <6.4.(a)> shall apply.

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