Rules and regulations
Registered Office
Aims & Objectives
Executive Committee
Office Bearers
Liaison Members
Election & nomination
Admission & Transfer
Admission Fee
Associative Representatives
Common Seal
<12> Accounts :

1. All funds and properties of the Association shall be managed by the Committee and the moneys shall be deposited in account with scheduled bank approved by the Committee.

2. Cheques shall normally be signed by the Treasurer and the General Secretary. In the absence of the General Secretary, the President, the Vice-President or the Joint Secretary shall be authorised to sign.

3. Imprest amount may be advanced to an individual for current disbursement as authorised by the President or the General Secretary, or a nominee appointed by any one of them, with the concurrence of the Treasurer.

4. The accounts of the Association shall be audited annually by auditors appointed by the Committee.

5. If the auditors resign or are unable to do the work, the Committee shall appoint other auditors.
A member of the Committee shall not act as an auditor.

6. Any member of the Association may, with the permission of the President and by previous appointment with the Treasurer, inspect the account of the Association.

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